User Friendly HR please

Why make things more complex for no discernible reason?

I was reading my copy of People Management today (admittedly late!) and I was struck by an insert in the article about presenteeism.  The insert was a review about the new Fit Note (well its still new to me as I have just returned to work after a few months off work).  It noted that the Fit Note was not being completed properly by GP’s, that GP’s may not be qualified to fill it in (Occupational Health is a qualification in its own right) and basically it was just old sick note revamped.  It is – but just made harder!  And by the way didn’t we say all this months ago – OK whinge over.

This is my first blog and hopefully not my last.  I hope to look at the world of HR and all that stuff, from a realistic and honest perspective and not be, as my husband so delightfully puts it, an “HR Doris”.

Heres to HR without Ticking Boxes


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