Self motivation??

I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning, feeling like I was in a bit of a slump (strange terminology I know but I hope you know what I mean).  Both of my children were at the childminder – we are all preparing for my return from Mat Leave.  I had a rare day where there were no hugely pressing jobs to do – just the normal grind of housework etc…  So I sat there feeling crappy wondering why!  It struck me that I was bored – I need deadlines, challenges and I have got used to the “Muuum!” cry which means that I am needed to do something.

Long and the short of it is that I need to go back to work.  My job does motivate me (and keeps me from challenging those around me just for the fun of it).  I realised that it is up to me to organise my return to work and its my responsibility to get back into the grove of working / blogging / tweeting and generally pull myself out of the dolldrums – and quite right too, hence todays blog.

Now this has made me think about motivation at work.  I have read a lot about employee engagement and motivation and to be absolutely honest with you its all really good stuff.  It really is.  We need to have the facilities for staff  (please when I say staff read – workers, employees, volunteers etc) to discuss their development and career progress.  We really need to be 100% supportive of employees who are unwell and need help.  We ideally want staff to buy into our organisation.  We need to keep developing and progressing our work methodologies and we need to have effective communications with our workforce….BUT

For any of this to really work don’t individuals need to take responsibility for themselves.  Its not just an HR/employment issue – although we do have to facilitate an environment where all of the above is available.

Now this blog has developed as I have written it – so I am sure my argument is not as rounded as it could be.  Please let me know if you think I am being unkind or naive.


One response to “Self motivation??

  1. I totally agree, as line managers/management all we can do is remove barriers to engagement/motivation and create an environment in which it is easy to be and maintain engagement/motivation – but the bottom line is that individuals have to be responsible for their own engagement/motivation. Line managers have a huge influence BUT you can lead a horse to water… …

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