You’ve got to fight, no, pay for your rights!

I just saw the tweet from People Management asking for people to vote on their poll.  The Government is considering reform to the employee tribunal system to start asking people to pay when they make a tribunal claim.  The poll is here .  Its designed to deter the spurious.

OK I don’t want to sound like a screaming lefty but YOU WHAT!!

I have been on the paperwork end of an ET that was, to my mind, spurious.  It is completely demoralising experience and I am sure is a very large contributor to my hatred of paperwork for the sake of paperwork.  The case did go to ET and was thrown out.  Although I can take some satisfaction in that, it was horrible and I completely understand a want/need to avoid similar cases.

However it is unthinkable to start charging people for making claims.  It automatically excludes those who cannot afford it – looking at demographics that is more likely going to be single parents, ethnic minorities, disabled, women and so on, the very people we have a wealth of legislation protecting.  Yet charging for people to exercise these rights makes it less likely that they will do so.  Isn’t it a hard enough task already, isn’t it a costly enough task already.

OK rant over … I would love to see your views on this.  I voted No on the poll by the way, but you may have figured that out already!  If you voted yes please tell me why.


2 responses to “You’ve got to fight, no, pay for your rights!

  1. I also voted no-I was actually quite shocked to see that 70% had voted yes! I’m not sure what can be achieved by charging for tribunal claims, do they think that it will deter some people from making outrageous claims or is it simply just another way to make money? I’m not sure..
    I definitely don’t believe that the Beastie Boys would have sounded so good with ‘You’ve gotta PAY for the right, to party!’

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