Apps and Social Media has changed my life – well the geeky bit!

Warning this will expose my secret geek!

In September last year I had a basic nokia phone and a notepad that was running a basic unix platform as it had such small memory/storage, for windows.  I also had a very basic Linkedin account, I used Facebook for friends and work and, I only followed Hubby and Stephen Fry on Twitter.

Then, in a bid to revitalise the old notepad, I installed Jolicloud.  Bang! Huge difference. I was introduced to the world of apps and how you don’t have to use windows. Suddenly I started using Twitter and not just to follow the odd celeb but to learn and share experiences.  I feel part of a community on twitter I respect and who really make me laugh and I have hardly met any of them.   I found Google Reader and discovered that there are HR blogs out there which are informative, inspiring or both.  From there I revitalised my Linkedin account and made Facebook a place just for friends – a friend of mine recently said that her Facebook is a place for people she would hug, really liked that definition and it works for me.

From there I installed Dropbox, moved my calendar and mail to google and then I wanted more…

So I upgraded my phone, to an HTC Desire HD and Bang! another big step forward.  Instantly my google accounts, dropbox, and social media life were all portable.   I even found a way to sync with my work calendar.

I know I am late to the party but also know there are those who are behind me, thing is in a few short months my life has really changed.  I have become geeky again. And you know what? Geeky is cool!


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