10 years! TEN YEARS! (Gross Point Blank quote)

A friend and I were chatting and catching up recently and she mentioned that she was still starting to finish her therapy which had been going on for ten years.  Now please don’t get me wrong – I love my friend dearly, it’s up to her and her therapist what they do and how long it takes and frankly its none of my business and nor should it be.

But I was initially surprised by her comment, partially because I wondered how effective the therapy was for it to be still needed after that amount of time and I wondered what there would still be left to talk about after a decade of self discovery (but that could just be that I am an HR Pro of very little brain).

I know people who have been married, had children and been divorced in ten years, others who have completely changed their careers and mastered a new ones.  Yet 2001 doesn’t feel that long ago, I’m still married, living in the same town, still working in HR – and loving all of those I hasten to add (Happy Valentines Day darling!!

So I am asking – how as the last 10 years been for you and is there something your still doing that may need to come to an end?


One response to “10 years! TEN YEARS! (Gross Point Blank quote)

  1. Had two kids, moved house, started a new firm, had a shed-load of fun along the way. Life’s about the journey, but it’s the company that really makes the diff. Happy Valentine’s….

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