Happy Birthday Mr M

We run a very busy life.  Both of us have jobs that take up more than our paid time, we have a wonderful group of friends and neighbours – but this is time intensive, we have a big diverse family – all of whom love us and want to see us, we have an online life – rewarding but needs tending, and most importantly we have our children who, I know we both would spend every hour of every day with, given the slightest chance.  That on top of trying to find time to do the washing,cleaning, exercise, travel, watch films and enjoy our hobbies there is little time left in any given week.

Yet, amazingly and so essentially we spend time together.

(In fact for the first time in our respective careers, today we are going to the same conference together)

You make me laugh, make me cry, make me dream and stop me thinking to much, your my frustration and my delight, my rock and the reason I reach for the stars.  Thank you, I love you and Happy Birthday Stinky!


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