Use your normal voice!

I have a four year old son, sometimes when I read him a bedtime story, I use different accents/voices when distinguishing between characters.  On occasions he does not want me to do this and I get heckled by the call “Use your norrrrmal voice”.  I was reminded of this today…

Over the last couple of days I have sat in an Employment Tribunal.  I will not and should not, make any comment on this case, especially as we are yet to get a judgement. I do however, have an observation to share (I say observation it is, I admit, more of a rant).

Why (oh why) do Barristers have to be so condescending.

I have listened to both the claimants and respondents excellent witnesses.  All were cross-examined and then subsequently re-examined by two Barristers.  I found both of these Barristers (but I admit one far far more than the other) to be, frankly quite rude.

I am not legally trained and accept that I am not qualified to comment on the idiosyncrasies of English Law but is leading a witness, making them flustered and/or question themselves really the best way to get the best out of that person for the purposes of an ET.  In a criminal court maybe but is it necessary, for an employment setting I really don’t think so.  Lets face it  as an HR professional I would be particularly crap at my job if I talked to employees or managers like that – in fact I would possibly end up in an ET!

What do you think my fellow HR’ers?  Was I right to want to shout “Use your norrrrmal voice”?


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