What are you waiting for??

I know I keep banging on about it but I have just returned from Maternity Leave.  Although there have been a few changes to my job profile I am continuing to support a good percentage of regional areas (and the same key line managers) as I did before I left.  I am in the process of meeting with these key managers to discuss changes with their people whilst I have been away, current happenings and what we both need to be looking out for the in next few months.

What has surprised me is the number of performance issues that are still “pending” and more to the point were “pending” when I left 10 months ago.  So my question is WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I know that performance improvement processes are a lot of work, I know that facing up to an issue is never a nice thing to do but please please please don’t avoid them.  Performance procedures can have a positive impact you know and I can cite good examples of where a little attention from a line manager has had fantastic results.  It does not have to be about discipline it can be about encouragement.  It doesn’t even need to be formal (initially at any rate).  I can also cite cases where we have avoided the performance issue, hidden in change management (trying to be nice) and it has come back to bite and bite hard!

So here is my call to action for line managers every where – go on take the bull by the horns.  If any HR type people have good ideas how to get a line manager going then please share.


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