So….Connecting HR here I come

I am looking forward to Connecting HR it should be a great experience and I have wanted to go since last year, but I am really nervous too.

I am still very new to this unconference thing but enjoyed TruLondon so the format doesn’t worry me, in fact it suited how I work and learn.  So why am I nervous?

Partly, I think it’s because I am not that good at networking.  My husband is fantastic at it, he can walk into a room of strangers and the next thing you know they are buying him a drink and following him on Twitter.  I, on the other hand find it daunting – but I am going to put faces to the network of people I am beginning to get to know on Twitter and #Connecting HR so they are not really strangers – or so I keep telling myself.

Professionally I will get a lot out of it gaining HR contacts, and idea sharing on engagement, recruitment, social media etc.  I hope also to get personal development too – advice on blogging would be more than gratefully received.

Here is the where the nerves reside…I have looked at the delegate list and wonder what do I have to offer.  Those attending are “social media rock stars” (to quote an associate) and what do I have to give back?  Well I think I am the only attendee with Third Sector experience (unless @onatrainagain has decided to attend – and I really hope she has) and I do have lots coal face experience with volunteers as well as paid staff… so bring it on…Here I come… and please forgive me if I do loose my bottle and hide in the corner.


9 responses to “So….Connecting HR here I come

  1. We all get nervous at times, it’s part of what makes life fun. That’s my coping strategy exposed!
    For me the art of networking is to show genuine interest in others. Too often people try to be interesting. And they often are – mainly to themselves.
    If you want a corner companion – I’ll be there 🙂

  2. Thanks Doug …you are right of course:o)

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  4. Hi Beth, great post! Everyone has something to offer! I gave up trying to stage manage the attendees a long time ago because I realised that the most interesting conversations and learnings can come from anyone, even where you least expect it.

    The dynamic of having connected with people on twitter etc first is really helpful – it was a revelation for me when we had the first tweetup. It is difficult to ‘network’ and it can be intimidating – even i used to find it daunting sometimes. But social seems to strip all that away. At that first tweet up it was like meeting old friends. It was very supportive. And as Doug says, the key is around ‘genuine interest’. In fact, i think that is the future of networking and connecting.

    Looking forward to catching up on Thursday!

  5. I think your post resonates with so many attending events like #connectinghr. When I wrote about the tweetup back in January, it mirrors your thoughts about attending. I know of you, and you know of me. Will we get on? Will everyone get on as they do online? Are they really as friendly and supporting as they appear to be? Thankfully, yes, yes, and yes. Look forward to meeting you 🙂

  6. Great post Beth. The funny thing is that I think there’s less reason to be nervous here than for a normal conference. There you just turn up, no-one necessarily says hello, and even if they do, they’re really concentrating on learning from the expert speakers. Here, no one is there as an expert. Some may have more ‘expertise’ than others, but we’re all there to learn – and more importantly to connect. So you’ve in a hugely supportive environment from the minute you walk in the door. See you there!

  7. PS can anyone remember who wrote a great post about ‘connecting’ vs ‘networking’. It was one of the ‘A team’ bloggers – the HRD, Kris Dunn or someone of that sort. I thought that might be useful for you too Beth if anyone can locate it. We’re there to connect, not to ‘network’.

    I had a go at doing something similar too, though my post wasn’t as good ( But I do like Tony Hseih’s comments from his book, Delivering Happiness, that developing relationships is all about being interested, rather than appearing interesting. We’re there to be interested – that’s enough.

  8. What a great blog post. You absolutely nail how I (and it seems many others) feel about networking. This will be very different 🙂 See you Thursday!

    Anne Marie

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