Connecting HR – Come on HR get blogging!

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Connecting HR Conference.  I have to say it was a great experience, meeting new people and not as intimidating as I feared it might be in my previous post – this was due in no small part to the lovely Alison Chisnell, who greeted me in such a friendly manner that my nerves just fluttered away.   I am very very grateful to her for this.

Alison also ran a session or PK on HR Blogging.  I found the key bits to this (which I thought I would share) were:

  • Some HR Bloggers (myself included) blog for themselves (ie the content is what interests them and its not aimed at a specific audience), using it to structure their thoughts, learn from comments and get things off their respective chests.  Alison commented that she felt that blogging was good for her personal development and improved her professional confidence.  I completely agree with this comment.
  • Lots of bloggers feel the pressure of blog – either on topic, what to say and when to say it or even just plan terror!  The advice is keep going it gets better.
  • Blogging can help you find your voice and in time love your voice.
  • Blogging can bring you into a community – especially #hrblogs and #connectinghr.
  • Feedback and comments are hugely important and getting involved in others blogs can be very rewarding.
  • Those who are worried about starting a blog (but want to) because they have nothing to say often have the most.
  • The US has hundred of HR blogs the UK far less.
  • The best blogs are authentic and express their opinions.

Alison said that she was inspired to blog following last years ConnectingHR unconference.  I have to say she was hugely encouraging when I started blogging five months ago.

I hope that ConnectingHR continues to inspire us HR types to blog – its fun and we can learn so much from each other – as the lady said “HR literature can be dull but blogs are short and sweet”.


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