#Tru London 5 – Why do I go…

So why do I go back to TruLondon

Is it because:

@     it is a great way to spend your birthday?

@     it’s because Jobsite provide me with free sweeties?

@     you get to view new and upcoming on line recruitment tools?

@     you meet thought leaders in the fields of social media, recruitment, HR , blogging, talent communities and more?

@     it is a free flowing “unconference” so you get out of the day what you need and what you put in?

@     you can share ideas with like minded professionals in your field?

@     you meet wonderful, motivated graduates looking for that first exiting opportunity

@     you get a great curry for lunch

@     it’s a fantastic networking opportunity

@     you learn more in a day that you would in weeks of research

@     you get advice and guidance on blogs, campaigns and day to day recruitment

@     you get to heckle your husband as he leads a track…

The short answer is YES to all of the above and that is why I go back and why I highly recommend it to any in house HR or recruitment professional.



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